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My name is David Burgess and I am a HS Swim coach for a girls and boys swim team in Mankato, Minnesota.  I want to share my coaching experience using WATERMARK TRAINING PRO Weight Belts
Our coaching staff and athletes started using the WATERMARK Belts last year after attending a clinic on RPT swimming. One clinician recommended them.
Not all companies give you the personal attention that WATERMARK did. The head of the company, Bruce Justinen, was really helpful and gave us some great ideas on how to save money and yet get real value from our order.  He also sent a training manual that included sets designed by a Canadian Olympic coach that we used during our girls’ season.  
Our coaching staff and I have found that these belts give our girls a great workout and an interesting challenge.  As the season progressed their kicks got stronger and their times were better. It worked so well that we started using them in our boys’ program. We saw the same results.  
I recommend WATERMARK Weight Belts as a training tool for any coach and his/her athletes.  In fact, a rival coach saw what we were doing and is ordering belts for his team this year. 
We liked them so much, including their durability, that we have ordered a second shipment this year so that every swimmer can use them in practice.  Without sounding like I am a paid spokesman, and I am not, this was one of the best buys I’ve made in 36 years of coaching!
Dave Burgess
Mankato West HS Swim Team 


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